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Foun1DesignSktch.JPG (211578 bytes)      Design Stage

Foun2WaxModel.JPG (160866 bytes)    Wax Model   Peggy chooses wax to create the original wax model. 

Foun3MacMold.jpg (191276 bytes)   Macquette Mold  Rubber and plaster are applied over the original wax models.

Foun4Resiz1.JPG (151608 bytes)  First Step in Resizing  Taking a plaster from the original wax mold, a grid is applied for a point by point depth transfer to styrofoam.

Foun5Resiz2.JPG (176710 bytes) Resizing to Monumental Size    The point by point transfer begins to take shape in the enlarged styrofoam figure.

Foun6MonuClay.jpg (186580 bytes)  Monumental Clay  Clay is applied over the styrofoam and the artist re-details the clay to look like the original wax model.

Foun7MonuMold1.JPG (234454 bytes)   Monumental Plate Molding   dividing the clay surface with waxed cardboard shims, rubber and then plaster is applied into each section.

Foun8MonuMold2.JPG (148715 bytes)   Completed mold on a monumental figure.

Foun9Waxpour.JPG (162431 bytes)   Wax Pouring   Wax is poured over the rubber surface and a plate of about 1/4 inch thick is obtained.

Foun10SpruedWax.JPG (166711 bytes)   Sprued Wax   Feeder and vent tubes are attached to the wax plate using wax rods.

Foun11ShellingWx.JPG (137779 bytes)   Shelling   By dipping the wax plate into a porcelain slurry and then dusting with silica sand, a tough sand shell mold is created.

Foun12DryShell.JPG (247554 bytes)   Drying the shells  

Foun13BakedShell.JPG (122180 bytes)  Melt Out  Placing the sand shell mold in an oven, the wax is melted out.

Foun14PouredBrnz.JPG (137679 bytes)  Poured Bronze  Molten bronze  at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit is poured into the sand shell molds.

Foun15RemovShel.JPG (82758 bytes)   Removing the shell from bronze  The sand shell mold is removed with hammers and sandblasting.

Foun16Degate.JPG (191018 bytes)   Degating the bronze panels  Using saws and cutting torches, the feeder and vent tubes, now in bronze are removed from the bronze plate.

Foun17PlateAssemb.JPG (22970 bytes)  Assembling  The bronze plates are welded around a steel armature for support and to mount on the landscape.

Foun18Patina.JPG (104906 bytes)   Applying the Patina   After heating with a propane torch, metallic acids are sprayed on the surface for the bronze to take on rich colors.

Foun19StndInBison.JPG (201137 bytes)   Stand in buffalo are used to check placement on the site.

.jpg020.jpg (98756 bytes)   Moving the falling buffalo into place.

Foun20Instal.JPG (350917 bytes)   Installing the Bronzes on the site

TatankFallLar.jpg (253483 bytes)  The falling buffalo

tatanka2.JPG (381082 bytes)    Lakota Bison Jump at Tatanka

photo credits  Peggy Detmers, A. Don Alarie, Kim Alarie, Jim Maher